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Emmerdale Farm: Answers In the Park, (Joe Sugden/Father Brennan), NC-17.

Look, "Emmerdale Farm" fic! Hurrah for Rule 34! This is exceptionally twisted "Emmerdale Farm" slash fic. I hope you enjoy. *cough*

Title: Answers In the Park
Author: Van Donovan / van
Characters/Pairing: Joe Sugden/Father Brennan
Ratings, warnings: NC-17, slash, clergyman sinning. :D
Word count: 6,719.
Author's notes: An "Emmerdale Farm" crossover with the 1976 version of "The Omen." Set in 1976, before "The Omen" and after the "Emmerdale Farm" novel "Whispers of Scandal." Written as a birthday present for the lovely billytaylor, betaed by the wonderful lithrael.
Summary: Joe goes to Manchester seeking David Hockley, but finds answers instead.
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( Answers In the Park )
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