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Finally on Amazon.co.uk! Although looking at the run times for each set, it looks really likely that the most expensive DVD is just a combined set of the two underneath it.

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Oooh yay. :D:D:D
And now I has pre-ordered. I went with Air Mail, which says it'll take a long time to ship... but I wonder if Amazon will be awesome and thusly ship it that much in advance so I get it the day it comes out, or if they'll not ship it until it's released. *fingers crossed*

In any event, even with the shit exchange rate, it's less expensive than I feared it would be.
Yeah, 8-12 days for Air Mail...oh well. I should be studying for my exams then anyway ;_; But early shipping would be super cool.

Did it actually go through the checkout cheaper than the discounted price? It did for me...:D
Ummmm. You know, I'm not sure/don't remember. I think it was like... £19.20 all said and done? Maybe? Still not too bad.

And yeah. Like, in the past, when I've pre-ordered stuff from Amazon.com, it's arrived on the day of release, or the day after release, meaning they shipped it early. So hopefully they'll do that with this too.

Even if I shouldn't watch it as soon as it arrives. XD
Yeah, I coughed up about £25, but I bought the 6-disc set. More than 25% off anyway, that's pretty sweet. :D

I only wish I had a bigger TV so the awesome would be really really big and stuff, but oh well ._. At least I can watch R2 on my TV!
Oh.... crap. I think I bought the wrong one? HAhahahaha.

Hmmmm. I wish there was more information. What is on the best of Emmerdale set? I just bought the completely season one, but I might cancel that order and buy the 6-disc set... hmm.
Not a clue what's on it, but oh well. I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope for some 80's goodness (or if they put the plane crash episodes on there, I won't complain either)!!
Yeah. Aaaaugh. I dunno what to do!

I think I'll just stick with what I ordered and trust you to um. Give up the goods if the Best of stuff is ZOMG AWESOME. >_>
Yeah, I would definitely do such wonderful things, lol.
:D:D:D Hooray! I'm just hoping that they'll release ALL the seasons, and then I won't need the "Best of" because then I'll have ALL OF it, you know? Or at least all of it with Frazer in it! XD
Indeed. But that would be an awful lot of boxes, because how many discs would a year's worth of soap (once it started year-round) need?

I would buy it anyway ;_;
Yeah, that'd be a freaking LOT. I mean, Frazer was on the show for 22 years, so presumably you'd need something like 22 seasons. X_x;
If it happened, which would be lol, I wonder how many discs such a set would need. And the money. It would be lots of money. D:
Yeah. Man. X_x;;;; Well, fortunately he left the show for a few years, so maybe I could skip some. And possibly later seasons I could just torrent or something. I'd buy, say, the first seven years for sure, where it was pretty much "The Joe Sugden Show"... that would satisfy me XD

But yeah. I imagine there would be a lot of discs and a lot of sets and it would all be very expensive. @_@;;;;; I don't know of any soap opera that has ever released their entire catelog like that, do you? Its like it'll take another 20 years to get it all out! Hahahaha.
No, which is why it will probably never happen ;_; Whether that's a good or bad thing...XD

Although it would be very shiny.
hahahah yeah. Well. I suppose we can cross our fingers? Hahaha. sigh.

It does seem strange to release season one and not any of the others...
Well, 35th anniversary stuff. Go back and release the beginning I suppose...hopefully it sells well enough that someone decides releasing more would be a very good idea XD
True, true, and the 25th anniversary DVDs weren't as popular and even 30th the TV boxed sets were just startingto take off. HAhaaha. As good an excuse as any.

WEll, they've got my support! :D