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So, van urged me to crosspost this here, and here it is. I had decided to create an unorganized rambly running commentary as I, a n00b, watched through the first episode of Emmerdale Farm. There's not much coherent sense to it, just things I was thinking as I watched.

Hee, cute music. *waves arms orchestrally*

Sheep!! yay.

Wow, I totally didn't understand what that lady just said.

OMG! *diez* Frazer said that "She's coming" in the most adorable way ever. *does a little "he's in colour!" jig*

Very lovely scenery, I must say.

Ha, random dude in the window. Ooh, potential main character. He's so seventies. That's awesome. Love the hair.

Funeral stalker!

"Some call me....Tim." 'Cept that's a dog, not an enchanter.

Huh. Why did he just smell the food pellets? (cuz, you know, I've never done that... >.> yeah...okay, so they smell cool! hush) At least he didn't eat them like it looked like he was about to.

Ha. *blush* I was just staring at this fella's ass when the chick on the horse comes up and says "Do you like the view?" Yes'm, I think I do.

Oooh, she was watching him. Scary.

"Prodigalize" lmao! Dude, that word rocks.

Ooh, they're gossiping about the prodigal son.

Ha! Badass momma. Awesome.

"What are you going to do with this?"
"Do with it? Nothing."
Good man. *loves on nature* Hm, but the character seems like he could be a bit uppity. Possibly. No judgements yet.

Oooh, the prodigal son owns teh farm now. Dun dun dun.

Awww! He's in overalls. He looks awesome in overalls, methinks. Better in a kilt, but I'll take what I can get.

Oooh, watch those momlips tighten. The tension is set!

Aw, end of part one. Time for part two!

No, silly. He can't sell the place! Otherwise there wouldn't be any show!

Aw, now that's sad. The mom hasn't seen the son in so long, she has to even ask if he's been married.

Oh, put out that cigarette, silly.

Hm, I wonder what happened between that fella and his dad.

Oh dear, he's looking a bit pompous about the farm being his now...

Lol! Wow, that vest Frazer is wearing is...special.

Uh oh. That's...weird. The video's gone all jerky, and the audio has kinda dropped a few tones lower. Aww. At least it's still going.

Ooh, Mama just pwned that neighbor fella. She's awesome.

Hm, you know, I'm sure they've said that prodigal son's name by now, but I seem to have missed it.

Weird. The audio keeps switching between normal and slow/deep...wonder if that's some sort of side-effect of taking the copyright stuff off.

Ooooh, Jack, is it? Ha, little pissing contest between Jack and that other falla. Dun dun dun.

Well, that's about it. Hm, yes, I do believe my curiousity is very well piqued about this show. More should be watched. Maybe once I get a proper job and have enough money set aside so that I won't have to worry about paying for rent and food comfortably, I can look into getting those books...
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