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ITV Website

So, I've made acquantance with a nice fellow through eBay who is going to send me some Emmerdale episodes on DVD that he's getting from someone else. Today he pointed me to this New ITV website which has some episodes of Emmerdale, old and new, available for watching through the website. Sadly, I can't get the files to play, even though I have downloaded all their crap. I think it's possibly because I'm in the US and they have some blocker on it to not let US people see their UK stuff. AAAUGH.

So, shemacraterror, can you view these clips? Does anyone know how to extract the videos from the website? I know randominity has done such before, but she's American too, and might not be able to play them. (I do intend to ask though.) I know that. Vixy can download YouTube videos, so maybe it can download these ones too, if you can find the link for them.

I am hopeful. But sad. WANT. TO. SEE.

How stupid they'd block these clips from Americans. If we were getting the episodes in 6 months, okay. But Emmerdale has NEVER aired in the US. :(

I plan to crosspost this at least to my personal journal.
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